Auberon Entertainment

W.A.R (We Are the Republic)


You betrayed us.  You - our elected representatives...our government.

ON SCREEN: A huge water truck is pulled down the street, blowing heavy pressurized water at the peaceful PROTESTERS.  

You took away our rights when you sold out to the highest corporate bidder...where is our choice now? Our children are being systematically poisoned, our homes are burned to the ground, we are being run down
like criminals...Where is our freedom our fathers died for now?

The LEADER turns around, facing the camera.



I'll tell you's right here.  In our heads, in our hearts...and in our hands.

Green Earth Anarchy



There are no coincidences.

What we perceive as unorganized and unplanned chaos does not exist. On the contrary, the world is a meticulously calculated machinery, all orchestrated by Lobbyists such as the "Regulator" Frank Victors.


After having nursed the Corporate wealth of the American Automotive industry for a decade plus, Victors’ exquisite talents are employed by the Biotech Giant SynMonto Genetics. They need him to assist the launch of their latest Genetically Engineered Products - Generation Six. For years, the corporation has taken the heat for the current state of the world - with the staggering rise in birth defects, cancers, diabetes and allergies making the average human life-span a mere 65 years, but with Victors help they believe they can sway public opinion their way again.


After a successful Banquet thrown by SynMonto, Frank Victors gets jumped by the Urban terrorist group "Green Earth Anarchy" and taken as a prisoner to an abandoned zoo, which the group is operating out of. Noah, the charismatic leader has plans for Victors. The militant group is focusing on the destruction of SynMonto’s properties, in particular their crop fields, and Noah is planning to set Victors up as being part of it. Noah’s endgame includes Victors revealing company secrets to them, and hopefully help them find one of their own – the missing child, Maya.


Only question is - who is really setting up who?


The CEO of SynMonto Genetics, Grantham Hughes instructed Victors to seek out and eliminate any dissident radicals such as the GEA before the release of Generation Six, and Victors is way on target with that. He anticipated the GEA’s move and willfully played right into their hands. Little by little, Noah and the other members of the group will start trusting him and before long, he will get his opportunity to destroy them all. That was the plan.


But Frank Victors has an agenda of his own.

Two years earlier, his wife Nicole died from Cancer and with her their unborn child. Nicole was one of the head scientists at SynMonto Genetics, and even though there was never any proof, Victors believes that she got sick because of their products. Through the usage of bribes and substantial “donations” the corporation has managed to push their untested, unsafe food products onto the global market, with no legal hindrance. They have become just too big to fall. Through a series of seemingly unconnected events Victors is going to change that once and for all, because there are no coincidences. 

The Pilot version of the short film "Monarch", currently in development by Auberon Entertainment