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There are no coincidences. The world is a carefully calculated machinery, all orchestrated by Lobbyists. The "Regulator" Frank Victors gets hired by the Biotech Giant, SynMonto Genetics, in order to help the launch of their new generation of Genetically Engineered Products. The company is being blamed for the current state of the world, with the high rise of birth effects, cancers, diabetes and allergies making the average human life-span 65. After a succesful banquet, Frank Victors is kidnapped by the Urban terrorist group, "Green Earth Anarchy", and is set up to take part in their planned attacks on SynMonto. Only question is - who is really setting up who?

OF SILENT MIND (Feature, Drama/Coming of Age)



16-year old Matthew is stumbling through reality. Matthew suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder and is rapidly running out of High Schools. His father decides to send him away to Military School, in an misguided attempt to "teach him some discipline". After meeting the wild-eyed Rachel, Matthew decides to stop taking his medication. For the first time, he truly feels...but when tragedy strikes, it's only a matter of time before he falls back to his old ways.

ReGENESIS (1hr Pilot/Feature, Sci Fi/Drama/Thriller)




The year is 2034. The world is finally at peace after the global outbreak ten years earlier when the population of the civilized world revolted against the implementation of Genetically Modified Humans (GenMos). Today, all GenMos have to carry proof of naturalization and work-permit, only allowing them the lowest of duties - all except for the weaponized Gen-C mutation, but no one has seen one of them in almost a decade. Jonas Kent, 14 years old, is a daydreamer who keeps to himself, until a new student joins his class - the strange and cute Gennifer. Before long, Jonas entire world is about to change.

Susan Sinclair embarks on a dangerous journey into the darkest depths of society in search of her missing sister. From the dungeon of an underground sex club, where brutal sessions are performed in front of a live audience, to a remote sweatshop, from the darkest depths of human suffering to the very top of the food chain where women are sold off to the highest bidder. Susan finally faces the ultimate sacrifice in the hands of the man responsible for her sister’s abduction and the harsh truth is finally revealed.

IN THE SHADOW OF GOD (Feature, Drama/Thriller)



In the first part of the 21st century man was forced to take refuge underground, where a new way of life was formed. Evolution has taken yet another turn.

Detective Sera Dante with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) arrives on the scene of what appears to be a somewhat random act of manslaughter, only to find strong similarities with a twentyfive year old serial killer case.
The only problem is, “The Preacher” has been held in isolation at the maximum-security prison facility “Ibycus” the last twenty years. "Persona" is a free standing continuation to the novel-trilogy "The Luminaire Collection" by S.A. Lundgren.


The greatest sting in the history of the Interpol has gone array. The plot was to gather six of the most wanted thieves, con artists and wet job experts in the world, bating them with the heist of a lifetime - the Holy Roman Regalia, held in the Royal Schatzkammer in Vienna. But something went terribly wrong, leaving a string of dead bodies in its wake and its chief officer missing. The only thing missing is a Powder box that used to belong to Empress Sisi. It turns out the whole operation was a set up orchestrated by Interpol's number one on the Most wanted list, the man with a thousand faces, a man believed to be dead - Marcel Etienne.


THE GREATEST CON (Feature, Caper, Action/Thriller)




PERSONA (Feature, Sci Fi/Drama/Thriller)




THE HAMMER (1hr Pilot/Web show, Action/Drama)




“The Hammer” throws us right into the gritty world of the Hammar brothers – a Scandinavian crime family situated in Los Angeles, surrounded by underground street fighting, high-end call girl service, money laundering and the occasional murder, all seen through the eyes of Joey Hammar, the handicapped and seemingly mentally retarded member of the family, who also turns out to be completely fearless in the ring – a perfect fighter. Without hesitation the brothers throw Joey into their schemes, putting their own brother’s life in jeopardy. Joey has a metal plate in his head and any impact could easily kill him. As the stakes are raised, Joey sets his plan into action - to end the "Hammar-clan" once and for all.

THE TUSCAN TOMATO (Feature, Drama/Dark comedy)



Nine intersecting stories building to an explosive ending. Jimmie Pomodori - a businessman and gangster, who is smuggling cocaine in double-bottomed tomato cans. His wife Marcy who is just about to find out about Monique, Jimmie's mistress, there's Ruby, Monique's room mate, who also doubles as undercover FBI agent out to nail Jimmie. There's Nick, Jimmie's old businesspartner, Nick's wife Angie and their son Jack. Jack lives in a fantasy world, a world pulsating to the immortal sound of “The Rolling Stones.”

C/o INDEPENDENCE (Feature, Action/Dark comedy)



To Travis Tanner life is a dusty country road, straighter than an arrow without as much as the hint of a turn. At least until Charlene came to Independence. Charlene Daring is on the run, packing nothing but trouble. With her is an unstable low life, Jimmie Smiles, a broken down Ford Mustang and a bag filled with 450 000 dollars - drug money stolen from her father. The car breaks down and Charlene and Jimmie get stuck in Independence on the 4th of July, while Travis fixes their car. And the clock is ticking. It is only a matter of time before the mob will catch up with them.

In 2008, Special Forces Sergeant John Sawyer goes on a top secret mission into a cave complex in Eastern Afghanistan to locate the remains of Osama Bin Laden. The complex is destroyed, trapping Sawyer inside the cave. Hiding in the darkness is a young member of Al Qaeda. The two soldiers begin a game of cat and mouse steeped in fear of the unknown. But they are quickly running out of food, water and air and the chance of anyone finding them before its too late is rapidly decreasing. Putting their differences aside and work together is the only way for them to survive. Sawyer starts to question where his allegiance lays and who the true Enemy really is.

ENEMY (Feature, War Drama/Thriller)



THE PRODIGAL SON (Feature, Action/Comedy, Drama)





San Francisco 1909. While doing hard time in San Quentin, Nick Sheridan, a notorious thief and scoundrel, happens to stumble on the truth about a lost gold mine buried deep in the lower Sierras - the same treasure that according to an old family legend originally was discovered by none other than his grandfather. The only problem is, the map to the location of the lost mine is inside Folsom Prison, scribbled on the ceiling of what is now the Warden's office. Nick has to get out of Quentin and somehow get into Folsom Prison before anyone else finds the map, if he's ever gonna have a shot at retrieving his grandfather's gold.



FIFTH AND SPRING (Feature, Drama/Thriller)



After his mother succumbs to cancer, Jakob leaves Sweden to look for his father, the celebrated author, Alan Meursault who has gone missing in downtown Los Angeles. In order to find out what happend, Jakob discards of his old self. He cuts up his return ticket to Sweden along with his every ID card, credit card and passport, burns his old clothes, shaves his head and becomes a vagrant himself.

Along with an unlikely guide, the wheelchair bound Ex-military "Breezy", Jakob enters the abyss to try to find out what happened to the great Alan Meursault.

Feature Length /  Pilots

W.A.R. (1hr Pilot, Sci Fi/Drama/Thriller)