Auberon Entertainment

ReGENESIS 1hr TV pilot, Sci Fi/drama

The year 2034.

The world is finally at peace after the global outbreak ten years earlier when the population of the civilized world revolted against the implementation of Genetically Modified Humans (GenMos).

In 2025 the New United Nation Council for the Implementation of Genetic Modification declared the Global GenTech Act of 2025, which stipulated a set of rules for Genetically Enhanced Humans. Every GenMo was surgically outfitted with a colored Iris, adhering to their specific mutation. Futhermore, it became obligatory for them to carry verification of Naturalization status, wherein their specific abilities also had to be specified. Today, all GenMos have to carry a work-permit, only allowing them the lowest of duties - all except for the weaponized Gen-C mutation, but no one has seen one of them in almost a decade. There's also rumors of a breed of unregulated mutations from Russia, but as far as anyone knows that's all urban myth.


Jonas Kent, 14 years old, is a daydreamer who keeps to himself, until a new student joins his class - the strange and cute Gennifer. The two quickly become friends. He is clearly infatuated with her.

He takes her to an abandoned lot that he used to go to with his dad when he was a kid. A week later, agents from the FDG show up at the school looking for an illegal GenMo. Gennifer is no where to be found. Jonas gets a bad feeling. He goes looking for her, and finds her in the abandoned lot. She tells him that her half brother is a Genome C and that the FDG believes that he has crossed the border back to the United States illegally. The night before, they came and took her father and mother into custody. She ran away before they managed to get her as well. She doesn’t have anyone else she can trust. Most people would probably have turned her in, but Jonas is different. In more ways than most.


She wants to enter the DEREGULATED ZONE  just South of Downtown Los Angeles, where most GenMos are generally being housed. It’s a strictly cornered off section of the city, walled on all sides by barbed fencing – a border that is heavily guarded by armed military police 24-7. Even the Police choose to stay away from it. Most NBHs would agree that the GenMo's can police themselves – as long as they’re kept on the other side of that border they can do whatever they want to each other. The major population of GenMos in the Projects travel to work outside of the DeRegulated Zone on an everyday basis, and most of them follow the rules and regulations of the Human society, but there are also an unknown number of criminal elements in the Projects, and is not a safe place for any NaturalBorn to ever venture.


Jonas and Gennifer jump the fence into the DeRegulated Zone, making their way through Skid Row, eventually joining up with a rogue faction of GenMo's who may know her brother's whereabouts. One of the rebels, Sandor Burke, reveals the truth about what happened to the Genome-C colony south of the border. The head of the FDG, Ryan Sommers, acting on the orders of SynMonto Genetics ordered a drone strike on the colony, killing most of them, including a vast number of innocent women and children.

Gennifer's brother, Bryce, is back in Los Angeles to make SynMonto Genetics and its CEO, Frank Victors, pay for what they've done. Meanwhile, Victors have ordered another drone strike - this one aimed at the projects - the Deregulated Zone, where Jonas and Gennifer are hiding. 


To stand a chance of surviving and saving all of them, Jonas will have to reveal himself for who he really is - a new breed of mutation, a Genome with the ability to control people's minds.