Auberon Entertainment


The year 2093.

The earth’s surface is no longer habitable. The depletion of the ozone layer due to global warming over the course of the last two hundred years has created enormous holes in the atmosphere, leaving the earth unsheltered from the sun’s deadly UV rays, making living conditions unbearable. Man has taken refuge underground, where a new society, a new way of life has formed.

Evolution has taken yet another turn.


Detective Sera Dante arrives on the scene of what appears to be a somewhat random act of manslaughter, only to find strong similarities with a twenty five year old case, involving the gruesome serial killer “Victor Crane”, a.k.a “The Preacher”. Crane had a thing for dragging his victims to the unsheltered surface, to get burned alive by the sun’s deadly radiation. The present murder has the same signature. The only problem is, “The Preacher” has been held in isolation at the maximum-security prison facility “Ibycus” for over twenty years.


Dante and her newly assigned partner, detective Argenti, pay Crane a visit at “Ibycus”. Crane proves to be a highly intelligent sociopath who shows a particular, if rather peculiar, interest in Dante. Instead of getting the answers they were hoping for, they are hit with more questions. That same night Dante’s reoccurring nightmare is back again with scattered images of a life on the surface before the catastrophe. Dante’s superior, Inspector Geryon persuades her to go see her psychiatrist, Doctor Becker again.


It turns out that the Bureau chose to cover up certain facts about the “Preacher” case, among others Crane’s former status as a B.C.I. agent. Crane not only killed 8 seemingly random individuals, he was most likely also responsible for the murder of fellow detective Gregor Samsa. Crane and Samsa were once close friends and joined the Bureau together. The Bureau felt it wise to keep that information out of the public’s view. A message from an anonymous source talks about a secret group calling themselves “The Phoenix Foundation”, who has been around for hundreds of years, influencing the halls of power. They believe in the transmigration of the soul and a predestined evolution where mankind will have to purge itself from “Original Sin” before being allowed back into a higher form of existence.


The investigation takes her deeper and deeper into the depths of society. Everywhere she turns, she is faced with more and more questions until she’s barely able to tell dream from reality. The next morning she wakes up in an abandoned swimming pool on the surface, with Professor Marcus Kinski’s lifeless body chained to the wall next to her.  Kinski is the senior supervisor at the Vitacore Research Institute, and Sera’s uncle. She suddenly finds herself chased by her former colleagues at the B.C.I., wanted for the present killing spree. The only way for her to unveil the truth and clear her name is to descend into the belly of the beast, to try to find the “Phoenix Foundation”. 


Dante gets entangled in a thick web of lies and deceit where everyone becomes a suspect, including her, and the only way out lies within. In order to find the truth and keep her sanity intact she has to walk through the rings of Inferno, questioning everything she’s ever known and once and for all face her worst nightmares.