Auberon Entertainment

MONARCH Short Film, 18mins

                                Lindsey Teller      Illeana Douglas

                                               Noah     Kevin McNamara

                                 Marcus Fisher     Don McManus

                                               Maya     Saylor Curda

                                            Simone     Autumn Withers

                                                 Jade     Bryan Sato

                                       Dr. Owens     Paul Roberts

                                             Raines     David O'Hara

                     CEO Michael Hughes     John Griggs

                          Analyst Phil Allen     Kyle Bares

                                  News Anchor     Amanda Christensen

                    Mortician/Scientist #2      Jacob Shanes

                                    Scientist # 1      Joe Webb

                                   Fresh Corpse     Jeff Rose

                                   Lindsey's son    Brendan Sheetz

                       Greenhouse Workers     Jake Cross

                                                             Aprill Winney

                                                             Egypt Jimenez

                                                             April Marks

                                                             Stephen Marks

                                                             Kelsey Fadness

                       SynMonto Executive    Ryan Tavlin





Written and Directed by

Steven A Lundgren


Executive Producer                  Steven A Lundgren, Mark Gottwald

                                                     Jens Helmersson, Mark Altman

Producer                                    Aprill Winney, Andrew Molina

Associate Producer                  Anders Lundstrom, Peter Smith


Co-Producer                              Elizabeth Collins

Consulting Producer                Illeana Douglas

Casting Director                        Christine Sheaks

Script Supervisor                      Dalila Droege, Pam Robison

Welfare Worker                        Barbara Gannen, Top Porter

1st Assistant Director               Jim Simone

2nd Assistant Director             Anitra Stevens, Ben White

Key Set P.A                                Kelly Gill

Production Assistants              Charles Burroughs

                                                     Michael Kohlbrenner

                                                    Allen Covington

Craft Services                            Aprill Winney, Elizabeth Collins


Cinematographer                     Roger Chingirian

Additional Photography         Elisha Christian

Production Designer                Jess Mahnke

Costume Designer                    Courtney Arthur

Stylist                                          Rachel Collins

Music Composer                       Michael John Mollo

Editor                                         Chris Levitus

Dailies                                        Ryan Nguyen

Syncinc                                       Erin Druez

Colorist/Final output                Sebastian Perez-Burchard


1st Assistant Camera                Kyle Klutz, Johanna Cerati

2nd Assistant Camera              Johanna Cerati

Media Wrangler/DIT                Justin Kemper

Behind The Scenes/Stills          Alex Gaynor, Carlos Jimenez

Crane Operator                         Bob Preston


Assistant Art Decorator           Madeleine Frazza

Lead Man                                   John Hatch

Art Dogs                                     Daniel Waldstein, Jeff Rose

                                                     Jacob Shanes

Butterfly Wrangler                   Steven "The Bug Guy" Kurtcher


Sound Mixer                              Sam Hamer, Neno Stevens

                                                     Yev Shrayber

Boom Operator                          Shawn Morse


Co-Costume Designer              Nicole Lumpkin

On set Costumer                       Abibail Gallen


Chief Lighting Technician       Alex Gaynor, Carlos Jimenez

Best Boy Electric                       Chris Patterson, Langston York

Set Lighting Technicians          Joe Webb, Larry Brecht

                                                     Layne McIsaac, Jacob Shanes

Key Grip                                     Jose Cruz, Jake Cross, Tony Perija

Best Boy Grip                            Albee Winbush, Dwight Stone

Dolly Grip                                  Jeff Conrad

Grip                                            Tony Perija, Richard Jenkins


Supervising Sound Editor       Michael J McDonald

                                                     @ Private Island Trax

Audio Post Coordinator          Robyn Whitney

Post Audio Booking                 Jason Milversted

Sound Effects Editor                Matt Hall

Dialogue Editor                        Leobardo Ledon

Background Editor                   Jason Milversted

Foley Recordist                         Alexis Sallee

Foley Artist                                Jason Abell

Mix Assembler                          Matt D Hall

Re-Recording Mixer                 Michael J McDonald


Visual Effects Supervisor        David Kenneth @ IE FX

                                                    Scott Fleming @ Merit/Andrew

Digital Matte Artist                  Robert Amaral

Digital Tracking                        Andrew Rakestraw


Catering Services                      Full Moon Catering

Chef                                            Jen Smith


Transpo Coordinator               Chris Tonkovich

Transpo Captain                       Albee Winbush

Drivers                                       Charles Burroughs

                                                    Michael Kohlbrenner








The BEAM Collective

The Camera House

Auberon Entertainment

Luka Grip and Lighting

Enzo LLC

JL. Fisher


A1 Medical

Michael Tristano















It’s the plague of the 21st century. 


Over the course of thirty-something years the increase in intestinal cancers, birth defects among newborns and serious cellular deterioration has decreased the global human population by nearly 25 percent.


The multinational giant SynMonto Genetics is on the verge of launching their new product line; Generation Six with Apple 1.1. The spokesperson for the corporation, LINDSEY TELLER (ILLEANA DOUGLAS) is tasked with making sure that the launch of Generation Six goes through without difficulties. The sudden discovery of the girl MAYA (SAYLOR CURDA) suddenly threatens to put a stop to that. The girl was raised in an illegal, natural Sanctuary, and is rumored to have been born without the damaged gene that is causing human life expectancy to drastically shorten.


Needless to say, her mere existence is a liability to the Bio-tech corporation, something which forces the head of Special Projects, MICHAEL FISHER (DON MCMANUS) to make some drastic plans.


When Maya and her older sister, SIMONE (AUTUMN WITHERS) go missing, NOAH (KEVIN MCNAMARA) – the unspoken leader of the movement “Green Earth Anarchy” kidnaps Teller, using her to get access to SynMonto. Well inside, they find Simone who has been kept a prisoner inside the research facility, but Maya is nowhere to be found. One of the members of the group, JADE (BRYAN SATO), discovers a number of classified documents as he hacks into SynMonto’s mainframe, proving that the corporation is fully aware of the hazardous impact their untested products has on the public. Before the night is over, Noah and his group will find out exactly how far the Bio-tech giant is willing to go to keep the public from finding out the truth about their role in the global disaster.




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Very Special Thanks

Mark and Ellie Gottwald

Jens and Helena Helmersson

Anders and Annelie Lundstrom

Peter Smith

Curt Fleming

Scott Fleming

Caroline Scott Fleming

Roger Chingirian and Katie Mohr Chingirian

Byron Werner and Amy Werner

Josh and Ann Luka

Art Riddle

Andrew Rakestraw

Sarah Marr

John Denlinger

Chris Levitus

David Kenneth and Kris Murphy Kenneth

Daniel and Linda Esberg

Fredrik Johansson and Emma Eklof

Deb Clevenger

Ryan Tavlin

Pamela Robison

Heidi Koling and Ben Montague

Candace Thompson

Jamie Hebert, Alec Mapa and Zion

Kyle Klutz

Brian Christie

Eric Powell

Carlos, Auriel and Egypt Jimenez

Bob Preston

Jose Cruz

Elisha Christian and Annie Wildmoser Christian

John Hatch

Sam Hamer

Shawn Morse

Daniel Waldstein

Jacob Shanes

Sally Riggs

Ulf A Dahlberg

E-Mikael Norberg

Robert Ohlen

Kenneth Ogren

Malin Sjoberg Hogrell

Marcus Siezing

Jason and Lisa Sotolongo

Ian and Kathryn Hirsch

Fredrik and Anna Stromberg

Johan, Cecilia, Linus, Carl and Nils Sahlin

Elizabeth Collins

Nav Singh

Chris and Irene Tonkovich

Alex Gaynor

Mike Matney

Courtney Arthur

Graham Sibley

Wondwossen Dikran

Jason Saulog

Henrik Carlsson








Mikael Olsson

Nancy Durbin Jennings and Brian Jennings

Cid Pineda

Henrik Petterson

Mikael Sjostrom

Kristoffer Haleen

Per Noreus

Jonas Samuelsson

Calle Nordstrand

Elizabeth Watson-Straarup

Jerad Sloan

Eric Anderson

Eslynn Henning

Pia Andersson

Rose-Marie Lewicki

Ulrika Palsson

Ulrika Caperius

Bonnie Nilhamn

Ylva Skoogberg

Krista Gall

Aaron Ratner

Marie Chao

Nancy Leopardi

Nick Kirkwood

Jennifer Thornton

John Peery

Breon Bliss

Mark Gantt

Deborah Lohse

Don Scime

Tom Tillotson


Aleta Daniels

Rich Borbon

Su-Z Block


Erin Cronican

Viktoria Webber

Amanda Ringger

Sergio Gutierrez

Alex Dorsey

Sophie Fromander

Molly Greenwood

Teresa Secore

Mandy McKenzie

Sally Shepard




Steven "The Bug Guy" Kurtcher

Nadja Balasz @ The Arboretum

Christi Shaw @ Office 529

Jay Brown @ Mountainview Cemetery

Victor Nosferatu @ Luka Grip and Lighting

Mel Mathis @ The Camera House

Michael @ Monk's Place

The Boys @ The Beam Collective