Auberon Entertainment

ReGENESIS 1hr TV pilot, Sci Fi/drama

Look Book / Visual Concepts


The year 2034.
Over ten years has passed since the Global GenMo-Riots. The violent public outbreak resulted in the establishment of the GenTech Act of 2025 where the regulation of Genetically Modified Humans was finally determined.
    Today society is divided between Natural Born Humans and GenMos, who have become a new underclass. In more ways than not, it is a familiar world, with some very drastic differences. Over everything lies the looming threat of another outbreak. It is only a matter of time before the GenMos will claim their revenge. In the midst of this reality spurs a young love story between the troubled dreamer Jonas and the new girl in school - Gennifer. The everyday world is that of two teenagers who don't quite fit in and in their alienated exclusion they find a mutual togetherness. The school is that of any sleepy suburban High School of today, perhaps airing on the softer side. There are no gangs at this school. Apart from a few bullies who just won't cut Jonas any slack, it's a very calm and quiet place.


Colors are muted 1960's with wardrobe to match, more belonging in Belfast than anywhere in North America. The furniture is old and ready to be thrown out. There are some futuristic Hi-Tech technology, but for the most part the environment could from the 80's. It's not quite Dystopian but an Post Apolyptic world without a lot of hope. The Riots, which were really more of a brutal Civil War threw the country back forty years.

The Mythology


​​In 2015, the giant BioTech Corporation SynMonto Genetics took their “Human Genome Program” to a whole new level when they introduced the first Genetically Enhanced SuperHuman to the global market, SASHA (Syngeneic Artificial SuperHuman Alteration).

Eighteen years earlier, in 1997, ten embryos picked for The SASHA Program were infused with DNA from a Brown Recluse, awarding them enhanced physical and mental strengths. All meant to create a new breed of super soldier. Supposedly, these First Generation Zero GenMos were sterile and unable to procreate.

Six months after the first SASHA subject was introduced to the world, a platoon of SASHA was deployed into the destabilized Military zone in the Middle East. At first, public opinion was favorable, but when a nosy reporter leaked images from the battlefield in Afghanistan, that all changed very quickly. It became clear that as efficient as the SASHA soldiers were, there was something wrong with them on a strictly mental level. They were unpredictable, displaying macabre urges that did not grow from the mind of a human being. The leaked pictures showed a savagery beyond anyone’s worst nightmare.  SASHA did not stop when the kill had been done, they slaughtered the enemy in the most brutal way, and once that was done, they proceeded to ingest their victims.  The public outcry was deafening and the SASHA Program was abandoned. The SASHA objects were rounded up and the Subjects were all disposed of.

Only, the research did not stop there.

The Characters


​​We see the world through the eyes of our young protagonist, JONAS KENT, 14 years old.  Jonas spends his time in school daydreaming about GenMos and the Riots from ten years earlier. He is fascinated with their existence, and perhaps also afraid of them. He is not having an easy time in school. The other students bully him, calling him names. Most days he gets harassed and pushed around by some of the jocks, for no other reason than that he is different. He is quiet and seemingly more sensitive than most of the students. Jonas lives with his mother, who is incapacitated in a sickbed, strapped to machines. Her entire world revolves around what trash the media feeds into her head. She doesn't even acknowledge her son. His father, JAMISON KENT, died when he was still a child. He only has a few memories of him - one being from the now abandoned house. His father used to take him there.

When a new student is introduced to the class, Jonas world suddenly changes. The girl, Gennifer, 14, is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and his young heart immediately melts. Gennifer is a mystery, she moved in from out of town, but no one seems to know exactly where from or where she lives.


There is the innoncence of young, unspoiled love between the two. In the beginning of the story we use muted, yet soothing colors, to ease the audience into the more gruesome reality. It could very well be a high school romantic comedy, but it's not that simple.


The World


Imagine a world without innocence.

It's the brutal aftermath of a civil war that hit deeper into the national soul than any bomb ever could and no one is unaffected. The Riots segregated the population, much like an updated, adrenalized version of Apartheid, creating a mystified - potentially dangerous - layer of inhabitants. The only thing regulation how people are meant to behave towards the Genetically Modified Humans is the Global GenTech Act of 2025 which stipulates:


1. All Genetically Modified Humans are subject to registration with the FDG (Federal Department of Genetic Regulation)

2. All Genetically Modified Humans have to openly show their mutation by clearly displaying the color of their Iris of their left eye. No Eyewear, contact lenses or clothing may be worn to obscure this ID tag.

3. All Genetically Modified Humans have to obtain work permits that has to be carried on their person at all times.

4. All Genetically Modified Humans are subject to sterilisation on or before their eleventh birthday.


The film's theme is an exploration of exclusion, alienation and the ever existential question of what makes us all human. The world is mirroring the theme, hailed in a veil of hollowness, insecurity and fear of what the future might hold. It's Germany in the 50's. Gray, empty and dire.

The Mutations


(Genome A)   Gray: Exaggerated Adaptive Motor skills (Speed, Agility, Precision)


(Genome B)   Blue: Water Related Systemic Ability (Breathe under water, webbing between toes)


(Genome Ab) Green: Super Self-Generative Sensory System (Hyper active eyesight, hearing, sense of smell)


(Genome Ba) Yellow: Hyper Adaptive Autoimmune Defense Syndrome (Regenerative cells, immune against disease)


(Genome C) Red: Weaponized Enhancements. Classified. Believed to have taken their refuge South of the border after the Riots, where they established a secret colony. No one has seen or heard of them in over ten years.


There are rumors of continued Illegal experimentation with GenMos, especially in Russia where the GenTech Laws are less supervised, and supposedly there are other, more invasive mutations that no one has seen yet. Some may even be hiding in plain sight, living their lives anonymously right there among us.