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Dec 2012.

Special Agent Madison Skye’s life is about to change for the worse. Her first case with the FBI is rapidly deemed a common suicide case, but quickly escalates into the hunt for a gruesome serial killer that shares a much more personal connection to her than she cares to admit. All the leads point toward a tenebrous figure calling himself “Origen Adamantius”, an elusive author with transparent alibi and less than credible record. From the first moment she lays eyes on him, Madison feels mysteriously drawn to him, an unexplainable feeling that echoes through her very being.


Before long Madison is dragged into an age-old mystery that goes far beyond the wretched outposts of her long forgotten memories. Soon she will be fighting for her life as much as for her sanity, as the most clandestine secret of human history stands to be unveiled...


Dec 1930.

Stephan Levander, Professor in Philosophy at Uppsala University, knows his days are counted when a mysterious three hundred year old Legend lands on his doorstep. The Legend is a code key, describing the whereabouts of the long lost Gothic version of the Q Gospel – the original sayings of Jesus Christ.


In the 4th century, the Gothic Bishop Wulfila translated the founding gathering of Christian religious texts from Greek into the Gothic language. Wulfila based his translation on a number of sacred scriptures containing divine knowledge dismissed by the church after the death of Jesus. Some of the less volatile statements were regurgitated into the canonized Gospels of Matthew and Luke, leaving little evidence of the true teachings of Jesus Christ, whose meaning was forever lost to the world, or so it would seem...Several hundred years later, that same translation was encapsulated into The Codex Argenteus – The Silver Bible, on order by the Gothic King Teoderic. The Silver Bible went missing at the time of Teoderic’s death, seemingly disappearing off the face of the earth for close to a thousand years before being retrieved again in the late 17th century, now with 182 of its pages missing. The secrets of the long lost Q Gospel – the true teachings of Jesus Christ, written in a long since dead language rests within these forbidden pages...pages that have been kept safe by a group of true believers ...Until now...


With the Legend comes a mysterious prophecy predicting the year of Levander’s own birth and the time of his death...and time is running out. The darkened horizon is looming in the East and the hounds of Nazi Germany are crawling closer with the psychopath Adolf Eichmann at the forefront. The battle for the secrets of the Gothic Bible have been raging in the shadows of human history for thousands of years, pinning science and philosophy against the orthodox Christian Church, humanism against occultism, the common good against mankind’s insatiable greed. For Levander it is the beginning of a journey that will bridge the frail thread of his soul and lead him through life, death and rebirth in a constantly revolving circle, a journey that will forever intertwine his fate with that of Madison Skye, as divided parts of the same soul.


“In Memoriam” takes us from present day Los Angeles to 19th century Europe as well as offering a view of Paris in the year of the Grand Revolution. It takes a stand with Professor Levander at the break of WWII, before going all the way back to Madison Sky in present time. It is as much an ethereal journey in the vein of “The Celestine Prophecy” as it is a ravishing quest throughout known history in the footsteps of Dan Brown and Lewis Perdue.


“In Memoriam” is the first installment in a proposed trilogy about the hunt for the

lost Q Gospel and the awakening of the secret society of believers - "The Luminaire Society". It is a fast paced thriller with spiritual and philosophical themes at every corner offering a different view of the spirit of man and the constantly ongoing human evolution.

In Memoriam